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Infinite Performance training adds value to the lives of youth in our community through athletic performance enhancement in a positive and encouraging environment at a very affordable price. Our professionally certified trainers will bring out the best in your child’s athletic performance through an intense workout program without intimidation. We strengthen the body athletically and are committed to developing more confidence and higher self-esteem because a strong body is nothing without a strong mind.


Our training transforms your child into the best athlete they can be. Each class will spend half the time in the weight room developing athletic strength and power. The other half of the class is spent on the turf increasing speed, agility and quickness. We strengthen the body athletically and teach it how to perform.

The Details

Max class size is 6.
Classes are age specific
6-8 years old
9-12 years old
13-15 years old
16 and up
Flexible schedule allow us to offer each age groups multiple times each day
No contract
No sign up fee


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